For Skin Regeneration after Plaxpot Treatment

In the presence of trace substances that exists in a new organizations such as the placenta.
Optimized materials that obtained from salmon sperm cells for metabolic activity and regeneration.

Intensive Solution with PDRN + HA

Maximum PDRN titer in the similar PDRN cosmetic products, 100,000ppm / 5ml
3times more than other PDRN Cosmetics (ex. Other brand 20,000ppm / 3ml)

PDRN + HA Cosmetics : Aqua lingredient

Superior effect skin regeneration

Long lasting regenerative works for 2~3weeks

Mass capacity (Total 25ml) for 10 ~ 15 times treatment

How to Use

Extract Clapio cell and move it into the syringe
Apply certain amount of Clapio Cell on target skin and rub it by cotton swab for absorbing into the skin well

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