Non Surgery, No Stitches
No Injection Anesthesia
Lasting Result
Quick & Easy Procedure
No Cutting of Skin
No Thinning of Skin

PLAXPOT is it a real Plasma Device?

Genuine Plasma Output

Genuine Plasma arc created by the plasma generator which is different from the the simple electrical arc of high voltage.

It is not an electrical arc but a genuine plasma arc for the best application for plasma procedures.
It is different from a simple high voltage electrical arc.
Genuine Plasma output produced by the plasma generator that is located within the Plaxpot, Soft Surgery sublimation with the plasma arc has marked success.

The difference with the Plasma Arc is there is less risk of burns because it works on the skin evenly and superficially against the electric arc which is very narrow and a penetration depth that is too deep, causing a higher risk of burns and scarring and less ability to get a uniform application during treatment.

Histological Comparison between Plaxpot Plasma Arc and Electrical Arc

Picture of just after treatment

After 1st wiping out by alchol cotton

After 2nd wiping out by alchol cotton

1. General High-Voltage electrical arc transfer

The high volatage generator transfers high voltage directly to the skin.

There is high risk of pigmentation and burns caused by this type of energy because it is delivered by an electronic arc which is delivered to a narrow point on the skin which penetrates too deeply into the tissue.


With the plaxpot high voltage is not transferred directly to the skin which makes it is transferred through the internal generator which then generates plasma. The plaxpot collects the plasma and transfers it to the skin evenly and superficially, which results in less risk of burns, scarring and hyper pigmentation.

It is possible to replace CO2 Laser device. Plasma Device has the separate pulse controller for generating various energy transmission

What is the PULSE MODE ?

Other ELECTRIC ARC & PLASMA DEVICES Have only device Continuous mode but THE PLAXPOT not only has the Continuous mode but also Pulse mode which gives the practioner more precise control similar to the CO2 Laser equipment.

What kind of Probes does the Plaxpot have ?

For Plasma Arc

For Lifting

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