For Woond Healing After Plaxpot Treatment

Substance causing wond & infection

Wond healing & Creating a protection skin

Removal substance causing infection

30ml Tube

Help the synthesis of collagen in the early stage of wound and promoto healing

Repidly reduce wound area during wound healing

Major Effect

Moisturizing and Calming effect Excellent for moisturizing, wounds and inflammation of dry skin, controlling sebum & water balance

Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant function Effective in acne treatment and anti-aging, good for skin soothing

Improve Elasty Helps relieve the movement of skin muscles that cause wrinkles and boost skin elasticity

Stable, effective, non-irritating for skin conditions and effective for sensitive skin such as soaps, cleansers, lotions, gels and cream

How to use

Apply certain amount of cream to your skin evenly 2~3times in a day during 1st week after Plaxpot treatment

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